GameStop and the “Short Squeeze Stampede”

No other stock has had media attention recently like GameStop. In fact, Mad Money Cramer himself basically dedicated most of his coverage today to the stock.

GameStop is currently trading after-hours on 1/25 at $88.87. It opened today around $97 and surged to about…

I got a notification on Robinhood that Blue Apron’s earnings were coming up and I immediately bought puts to ride out their 2nd quarter numbers. As expected, their earnings beat expectation…but even those results could not save the stock from sinking.

Over the 2nd quarter of 2020, Blue Apron only…

After years of operating as the go-to “dump your stuff” eCommerce website. It may seem the site is impenetrable for newer users. Believe it or not, there is still plenty of opportunities out there. Here are three selling tips for eBay in 2020.

  1. Bundle, Bundle, Bundle

Long gone are the…

In recent years, the number of music festivals around the United States has steadily increased. It is estimated that over 800 music festivals take place annually nationwide. Some landmark festivals have experienced historic milestones. Coachella, the largest festival in the United States sold out both weekends within minutes of tickets…

Shane Axten

Fan of all things Military, Music, and Money…If you would like to talk feel free to email me

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